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Katharina Fitz, Austrian Photographer
Work in Progress

The photo project “boarded-up houses” explores the issue of vacant houses in inner-city neighbourhoods.

Today in Europe there are about 11 million unused empty apartments and about
610 000 in England. Enormous vacancy in cities is often a sign of great upheavals within urban space. Reasons for this may include industrial restructuring, sub-urbanization, the collapse of the property market or other external circumstances.

For this project I will be documening the vacancy in several former industrial cities such as Manchester and Liverpool, photographing the typical Victorian boarded-up working class houses, to create a critical reflection about the big amount of actual long term vacancies in England as well as in Europe in relation to the actual
social housing market.

I am also interested in the visual aspect of boarded-up houses. The houses with their tinned up windows develop a melancholic, mysterious and sculptural feel. Gaston Bachelard describes in his book "The Poetics of Space" the windows of the houses as their souls when they illuminate at night. Giving us access to their inner life, their history and memories of past times.

Katharina Fitz, Austrian Photographer Katharina Fitz, Austrian Photographer