The model is designed to be generalized, but some aspects of the agreement may need to be adapted to specific requirements. We would be happy to have feedback on this project, as we are trying to harmonize a version in accordance with the proposed legislation – please provide your feedback via our contact form. The model was reviewed by Sussex Police in 2019 to improve the document. References to Sussex and Surrey have been removed from the following main document, but examples of forms and processes in the annexes are specific to Sussex and Surrey. These are provided to help create force-specific forms and should not be used directly. This proposal, also known as the Information Sharing Agreement (ISA), is shared to support partnerships and police forces in the UK, providing a starting point for data exchange between them to support crime prevention, detection and other important police functions, including security. The “Local Process” manual is a document describing how the agreement is managed virtually at the local level. Examples of local process manuals and referenced documents, kindly provided by Brighton and Hove BCRP, are also available to assist in the creation of local versions. The draft proposal aims to help government authorities conclude safe, fast and transparent data exchange agreements. The proposal is based on the National Data Protection Controller`s best practice guide for the application of data sharing principles. The agreement was developed in consultation with stakeholders and builds on existing agreements. The proposal is “independent of the legislation”, i.e.

it can be used for general purposes and is not bound by future legislation on the availability and transparency of data. This model is based on the Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) model that was shared by the NBCC in 2018, when the RGPD came into force under the Data Protection Act in 2018. Data exchange agreements were previously called information-sharing agreements and the terms and conditions as well as the DSA and ISA are often used interchangeably on the basis of Legacy documents. A draft model for data-sharing agreements is available for download. Please note that this model is intended for general use and is not bound by future legislation on data availability and transparency.

Information Sharing Agreement Template

  • December 10th, 2020
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