Ngarimu Blair, vice-chairman of the Ng`ti Whéti Trust, said the agreement meant more social and affordable housing would be built faster to tackle the housing issue in Auckland. But the agreement between the Crown and the group will now allow the government to use the 500 hectares of empty public land for housing construction, while ensuring that contracts are held for housing. The latest edition of Contractor Connect pays tribute to the achievements and quality of the work done by our contracting teams across the country. There is information about the remarkable efforts that were scrutinized when our teams gathered in Auckland to respond to a very bad event in this city. An exciting initiative announces the first Hudson Sellars Apprenticeship Scholarship, while similarly, there is information about a gateway placement agreement with the hasting Boys High School and our main sponsor for the East Coast-Hawkes Bay Area. “We look forward to facilitating the construction of homes for our own men and all Aucklanders, and this agreement will ensure that this is done as soon as possible. He hopes that the first development agreements will be in force before the end of the year and that the first housing units will be completed by the end of 2016. The Crown and Ngé Mana Whenua o Témaki Makaurau – a group of 13 iwi and hapa – signed an agreement in 2012 that the government, if it wants to develop a country subject to a right of first refusal for public housing purposes, must give iwi and hapa the first opportunity to be the developer. “The Crown`s assessment of potential sites is progressing, with a focus on land with a capacity of 60 or more dwellings. The next step will be to launch an invitation to partners to seek the expertise and capabilities of the private sector to provide housing.

Individual projects may include iwi partners if they have benefited from them. I remain convinced that the first development agreements will be in force this year and that the first houses of this programme will be completed by the end of 2016. Construction and Housing Minister Nick Smith said the agreement meant empty public spaces could be used for residential construction to alleviate Auckland`s supply shortages while maintaining local settlements. “The government and Ngé Mana Whenua o Témaki Makaurau have agreed on where we will be able to use empty public spaces for housing construction, while ensuring that contract housing in the Auckland area is respected and respected. I welcome Ngéti Whtua Repé`s decision to withdraw the legal proceedings so that the program can continue quickly,” said Smith. The agreement means that these legal proceedings have been closed. “Now the minister has to agree to get out of a trial. This is a humiliation for him, which means he can`t sell land to other developers until the iwi has agreed.

Contractor Connect, our maintenance newsletter has great stories about our tragedies that go beyond to help customers during Alert Level 2 in Nelson, Mangere and Hamilton. We are also reflecting on our shared achievements over the past six years. Our lead story is about a new partnership that provides skills and work experience to Students at Mangere College.

Mahi Ngatahi Agreement

  • December 12th, 2020
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