The work of the Diversity Board had also stopped. In an April 10 email, the company`s Chief Product Officer informed the Commission that it had been dissolved and that the members had not received any further orders. However, they recently received a second email from McCurdy saying that the board`s work was continuing. The email was sent after speaking at Education Week on June 7. This restricted licensing agreement applies to student expenses, teacher expenses and all additional documents, printed or online, including subscriptions. In their statement from Pere, Studies Weekly`s management team found that a revised weekly unit would be sent to all clients who ordered the Grade 4 program in Florida, which includes an activity that invites students to argue for or against secession. When Nikita Walker, a relative in Rutherford County, tenn., saw that her daughter`s homework required the fifth grader to write a few sentences in support of slavery, she was confused – and angry. “There are very few primary school teachers with a great background in the social sciences,” Costello said. Most are specialists in reading or math.

“Very, very, very few of them have either a minor or a minor in history,” she said. “They tend to replicate what they`ve been taught.” In 2015, for example, a Texas high school student found a legend in a McGraw Hill textbook, describing African slaves as “workers.” At that time, there were 100,000 copies of the book in the state, NPR reported. In this case, McGraw-Hill decided to send free corrected copies to the school or provide additional material – a sticker that covers the label in the book and a language course program. Permission for reproduction and distribution is NOT granted to the school, class, teachers, students or other websites. Subscribers who wish to make online postings available to parents and students during the subscription year must register with The introduction of Studies Weekly`s print and digital tools in California insinuates Weekly studies onto the list of approved vendors, so that 100 percent of HSS standards, analytical capabilities and California executives can be taught in the K-6 class with only one edition of students per week. Publications require minimal preparation and include 36 weekly units per class for 120-180 minutes of classes per week. Interested educators in California who wish to learn more can see a demonstration of the site online on and are asked to contact Studies Weekly at (866) 311-8734 for login information.

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