Lord Ismay`s leadership qualities were seriously tested during his tenure. When he took responsibility, some allies have fought in Korea since 1950, when the pro-Soviet North crossed the 38th parallel to the pro-Western south. General Eisenhower, sACEUR since April 1951, was already traveling through allied countries and was asking for financial and military support to create an integrated military structure and develop NATO`s military capabilities if the Soviet Union decided to expand its influence in Europe. General Eisenhower needed The support of Lord Ismay to convince war-torn countries to make even more sacrifices in defence efforts. In 1956, Lord Ismay also had to assume the role of Secretary General, while his country and France disagreed with the United States on the Suez Canal. Thus, the first five years of the Alliance were eventful and Lord Ismay had the foresight to note them. Its first year of NATO – 1949-1954 ” was NATO`s first public record. On 16 April 2003, NATO declared its readiness to take command of the 42-country International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). The decision was taken at the request of Germany and the Netherlands, the two main ISAF countries at the time of the agreement, and the 19 NATO ambassadors unanimously approved it. The transfer of control to NATO took place on 11 August and marked the first time in NATO`s history that it led a mission outside the North Atlantic.

[48] Despite France`s withdrawal from NATO`s integrated military structure, two technical agreements have been signed with the Alliance, which provide for procedures in the event of Soviet aggression. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, France has regularly contributed to NATO`s military operations, making it one of the largest troop-contributing countries. It is also NATO`s fourth largest contributor to the military budget. In addition, NATO cooperates with many other non-NATO countries and discusses its activities. The Mediterranean dialogue was launched in 1994 in order to coordinate in the same way with Israel and the countries of North Africa. The Istanbul Cooperation Initiative was announced in 2004 as a forum for dialogue for the Middle East, modelled on the Mediterranean dialogue. The four participants are also linked through the Gulf Cooperation Council. [110] In June 2018, Qatar expressed its desire to join NATO. [111] However, NATO refused membership and stated that, under Article 10 of NATO`s founding treaty, only other European countries could join.

[112] Qatar and NATO have already jointly signed a security agreement in January 2018. [113] Ernest Bevin was a staunch anti-communist who fervently believed that the survival of the West depended on a union between Western Europe and the United States. After the introduction of the Marshall Plan in 1947, he wanted to show the Americans that the Europeans were ready to defend themselves and unite to reduce the risk of a new war. In March 1948, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom signed the Brussels Pact. It forced the signatories to defend each other in the event of an attack – a principle that would be at the heart of the future North Atlantic treaty.

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