By email: For any questions related to this agreement, please contact the information sharing coordinator: If an organization wishes to be part of our sharing protocol, please sign up for an information sharing agreement (ISA) called Tier 1. It is signed by an equivalent director or manager for each organization or on behalf of a senior official. ISA Tier 1 is implemented to ensure that regular sharing of personal data complies with data protection legislation. The latest version of the protocol is 3.1. If your organization intends to share information with Avon and Somerset Police, check to see if you are connected to our ISA – Level 1. If two organizations know exactly what data they want to share, for what purpose and for how long they sign up for the ISA Tier 2 protocol. If your organization is not mentioned above, download our tier 1 information sharing (PDF) template. Once an ISA Tier 2 is signed, if we are one of the parties, we should send a copy to the Avon and Somerset Data Protection Delegate to be registered. ISA Tier 2 can be unsubscribed by local managers, property owners, asset assistants, wealth custodians, asset managers or anyone who considers themselves responsible for data and data exchange. Fill it in and email it to: Download our Tier 2 Sharing Agreement Information Model (PDF). Fill it in and email it to: Organizations that have registered for Tier 1 V3.1 are listed below: Information Sharing Coordinator – Legal ServicesPO Box 37Avon and Somerset PolicePolice HeadquartersValley RoadPortisheadBS20 8QJ View Organisations who have already registered with an ISA:.

What Is A Tier 2 Information Sharing Agreement

  • December 20th, 2020
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