If no agreement is reached before the deadline, the UK will “continue” and accept that an agreement cannot be reached, Johnson said, adding that no deal would be a “good outcome.” The move, which was first reported by the Financial Times, would reduce parts of the UK`s agreement with the EU on state aid and customs regimes for Northern Ireland. It goes without saying that the British government believes that the original protocol is ambiguous enough to allow for a change of interpretation – a view that should be hotly contested by Brussels. “And what they would do with it would undermine the Good Friday agreement, an agreement for which the vast majority of the people of the island of Ireland voted to risk a hard border in our country and threaten the peace and security we have built for decades. Under the withdrawal agreement, the UK must inform Brussels of any decision on state aid affecting the Northern Ireland goods market and require the province`s businesses to file customs documents when shipping goods to the rest of the UK, the Financial Times reported on Monday. A source told the Financial Times that the measure that includes parts of the internal market law could “clearly and deliberately” undermine the Northern Ireland agreement signed in October by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to avoid a return to a hard border in the region. Johnson always intends to show that it is him. Last year, that meant prorogued Parliament and cleansed his party of moderates. In the end, of course, it negotiated an optimised withdrawal agreement that included significant concessions on the status of Northern Ireland. Steve Baker, one of the strongest supporters of May`s deal, has previously said dominic Cummings and Michael Gove promised him that Brexiters could vote in favour of the withdrawal deal, with confidence that the government could change – a promise it might want to keep. EU officials don`t seem so angry about Johnson`s deadline of 15 October. The European Union`s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, had set a final deadline at the end of October.

EU officials say tey has proposed solutions for stumbling blocks on `fair competition`, fishing and the legal requirements of the agreement. But it seems that their British colleagues have not made similar concessions. The Prime Minister said his bill gave the British government the power to repeal parts of the withdrawal agreement because the EU could take “extreme and inappropriate lengths” in the treatment of the former British member. Sammy Wilson, a DUP MP, said he would be very pleased if the government denounced the withdrawal agreement, which, as he said, threatens economic hardship for the region and disrupts trade with Britain. “These would be necessary measures if there is no agreement in the Joint Committee (EU-UK).

Withdrawal Agreement Bad

  • April 15th, 2021
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