Contract Changes from 2015-19 Contract to 2019-24 Contract For example, in the second year following the factoring of planned salary increases based on years of service, a teacher will increase their salary from $53,000 in 2019 to more than US$72,000 last year of the agreement, a salary increase of 35%. On September 24, 2019, THE WCB held a rally alongside SEIU Local 73, which represented school staff and Chicago Park District workers with Vermont Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. [6] Sanders was accompanied on stage by city aldermen, other labor activists, and actor John Cusack. [7] Lightfoot accused the union of “moving the door posts.” After a preliminary agreement was reached, the union wanted a return-to-work agreement that would have allowed teachers to make up for all the days lost to the strike, which they usually said in previous agreements to end the strikes. On 16 October 2019, CPS cancelled classes for 17 October 2019 pending the WCB strike. The staffing limits set by the collective agreement would require school heads to devote a large part of their budget to the recruitment of staff under the contract and not to the needs and wishes of the local community or school. 2019-2024 Teacher Salary Schedule (PDF) Note: CPS and the CTU have agreed to add an additional US$5 million ($25 million over five years) to Steps 14 and up. . .


Cps Agreement 2019

  • September 16th, 2021
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