7/11/22 Art Auction
My work has been selected by the curator Huma Kabakci to take part in the art auction with The Auction Collective organised by Fair Art Fair. You can now bid on my work 'BLOOM-Untitled' until the 28th of November. Follow the link for more information.

Dates: 7-28 Nov (2pm)

Katharina Fitz

19/08/2022 Book Launch and solo show
Super excited about the book launch of 'When Seams Become Audible' and the opening of my first solo show with Beam editions/gallery. The opening will take place on the 19th of August, 6-10pm

Dates: 18/08-10/09
Address: Beam Editions/Gallery
Primary, 33 Seely Road
Nottingham NG71NU, UK
Opening Hours: Thursday to Saturday 9am–5pm

'Fitz's work simultaneously presents both the process and finished object, perfection is not pursued and in that sense the work stands as a counter balance to our globalised world. The work simultaneously embodies an energy that reminds of the need for human beings to connect and remain connected with the material world. The existential threat of material illiteracy, a generation that cannot distinguish between natural and synthetic, machine made or handmade, virtual or real, is a generation that will be unable to change its environment. Without a dynamic understanding of materials and processes, we cannot make informed choices about how we shape our environment. Fitz lifts the veil of perfection and presents us with the inner workings of process.'

Text by Jonathan Casciani director Beam Editions / Contemporary Art Gallery and Publisher

Katharina Fitz

12/04/2022 6 Questions
Short interview with Tique - publication on contemporary art read more

Katharina Fitz

10/01/2022 Interview Unit1 Gallery/Workshop
Huge thank you to the director of Unit1 Gallery/Workshop Stacie McCormick for inviting me to talk about my practice. Press the link for more info

Katharina Fitz

06/11/2021 Interview Heimspiel
Really enjoyed the conversation with the curators Nina Keel und Anna Vetsch. It was part of the open doors event of the Heimspiel exhibition. The interview is in German only. Click here to watch the interview.

Katharina Fitz

06/11/2021 Ingram Prize
Incredibly happy to have been selected as one of the winners of this year's Ingram Prize! Click here for more info

Katharina Fitz

01/05/2021 DYCP Grant
Incredibly happy to announce that I have received the Developing Your Creative Practice grant supported by the Arts Council England. For the next 5 month I will be learning the Ceramic Shell process. The shell is usually destroyed after casting whereas I want to include it into my practice and use it as a material in it's own right. Click here for more info

Katharina Fitz

21/04/2021 Sculpture Slamp
Ahead of the opening of the 2020 Gilbert Bayes Award winners exhibition, I will take part in the Sculpture Slam organised by the Royal Society for Sculptors, where I will briefly introduce my practice and talk about the work on show. Here is a list of all the participating artist: Chen Winner, Emily Motto, Eugene Macki MRSS, Jessica Wetherly, Katharina Fitz, Mitch Vowles, Sally Hackett, Sarah Howe, Sasha Bowles and Vanessa da Silva. Click here for more info

Katharina Fitz

25/11/2020 Bronze Edition
Very happy to announce that London Bronze Casting has selected my work 'Metamorphosis' for their New Editions Series. We created a limited bronze edition which is now available via their gallery. Click here for more info

Katharina Fitz

15/11/2020 Interview
My interview with the East Midlands Contemporary Visual Arts Network CVAN is online now. Click here to read the full interview

Katharina Fitz

10/10/2020 Solo Show
Excited to announce that my first solo show is coming up. The show will take place at One Thoresby Street in the Attic Gallery. The exhibition is a result of receiving the One Thoresby Street Production Award, given as part of New Art Exchange’s NAE Open 2019.
Dates: Opening: 10/10/20 12-6pm, Exhibition dates: 11 - 31/10/20
Address: 1 Thoresby Street, Nottingham NG1 1AJ
Click here to book a free ticket for the opening
Click here for general bookings (Tue - Sat)

Katharina Fitz

09/10/2020 In Conversation with Sarah Tutt
In this interview, commissioned by Real Creative Futures, I provided an insight into my sculptural practice, and talk about my upcoming solo show at One Thoresby Street Gallery in Nottingham. In 'When Seams Become Audible' an exhibition of new work and my first solo show I presents a series of objects responding to the Attic Gallery at OTS, with the works on display being the result of a 6-week long residency.

Katharina Fitz

03/10/2020 Exhibition
My work 'BLOOM' will be part of the exhibition 'Five Hides' at Manor Place in London curated by Thorp Stavri.
Exhibiting artists: Josephine Chime, Charlotte Dawson, Jack Evans, Katharina Fitz, Enam Gbewonyo, Ellie Hayward, Kate Howard, Alice Irwin, Thomas Langley, Shepherd Manyika, Anousha Payne, Anna Perach, Sean Rennison Phillips, Anna Reading, Ally Rosenberg, Corbin Shaw, Christopher Stead, Tess Williams and Hannah Wilson.
Dates: Opening: 03/10/20 12-6pm, Exhibition dates: 04 - 11/10/20
Address: 33 Manor Place Baths, Walworth, London SE17 3BH
Click here to book a free ticket

Katharina Fitz

03/07/2020 London Bronze New Editions
Very happy my work has been selected for 'London Bronze New Editions'. One of my works will be cast in bronze and available for purchase through their online gallery. click here for more info

Katharina Fitz

Online Exhibition
'CONTACT', online exhibition with FAD Magazine curated by Thorpstavri.
Exhibiting artists: Mike Ballards, Rob Branigan, Jack Evans, Katharina Fitz, Kieran Leach, Veronika Neukirch, Anna Perach, Anna Reading, Catriona Robertson, Christopher Stead, Tess Williams, Andreav Wright.

Katharina Fitz

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2019
Really excited to announce that the installation 'Memory Palace' has been selected for this year's Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition!

One Thoresby Street Production Award, 2019
Incredibly happy to have been selected for the 'One Thoresby Street Production Award'. I will be having my first solo show in their gallery in spring 2020!

Artist of the Month, 2019
Axisweb has selected me as Artist of the Month for October. Here is an interview with Jules Lister about my practice.

New Art Exchange Open, 2019
My new work 'Mise en Abyme-Collapse' has been selected for this year's New Art Exchange Open exhibition.

Katharina Fitz

Art Triennale, 2019
I am very happy to announce that my work 'Memory Palace' has been accepted for the 'Heimspiel' Art Triennale. My work will be shown at the Appenzell Kunstmuseum in Switzerland.
Opening: 15/12/2018 at 17:00h
16/12/18 - 10/02/19

Katharina Fitz

Photo Fair, 2018
Two of my photos from the 'Malaga - Paracosmic Houses' series have been selected by the Felix Schöller Group to be shown at the Photokina in Cologne, Germany
Dates: 26.9. –29.9. 2018

Katharina Fitz

Gilbert Bayes Scholarship, 2018
I feel very happy and honored to be awarded the Gilbert Bayes Scholarship for sculptors! A big thank you to the Trustees for supporting me in the development of my practice!

Katharina Fitz

Exhibition of the 'Re-imagine the City' residency showing my new project 'Transformation of Spatial Relations'.
Exhibiting artists: Jess Price, Katharina Fitz
Dates: 19.7. –20.8. 2018

Katharina Fitz

My work 'Memory Palace' is part of the 'Mélange de Fruits' exhibition at Primary Gallery in Nottingham.
Exhibiting artists: David Cantrill, Arit Emmanuela, Katharina Fitz, Rebecca Fletcher, Szilvia Ponyiczki, Lou Robert, MJ The Art Traveller, Jane Marie Williams
Dates: 14.7. –25.7. 2018
Opening to public: Fr/Sa 12-6pm

Katharina Fitz

Artist Talk
Artist talk and conversation about the 'Re-Imagine the City' Residency at Artcore Artcenter in Derby together with Joanne Lee and Jess Price.
Time and Date: 5.5.2018
3 Charnwood St, Derby DE1 2GT

Katharina Fitz

My project about public houses and their decline in popularity has been selected for the 'Re-Imagine the City' Residency at Artcore Artcenter in Derby, UK. artists: Katharina Fitz, Jess Price
Dates: 15.5. – 10.7. 2018
Opening: Thursday 19.05.2018 6-8pm
3 Charnwood St, Derby DE1 2GT

Katharina Fitz

My work 'Echoes' is part of the Aftermath exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary Gallery in Nottingham.
Exhibiting artists: David Cantrill, Arit Emmanuela, Katharina Fitz, Rebecca Fletcher, Szilvia Ponyiczki, Lou Robert, MJ The Art Traveller, Jane Marie Williams
Dates: 10.5. – 13.5. 2018
Opening: Thursday 10.5. - 6-8pm

Katharina Fitz

My series "Boarded-up Houses" has been selected to take part in the 'Open Borders' exhibition as part of the European Culture Days 2018. The Association of Visual Artists BBK will be showing artistic positions on the subject of "Revolutionary Changes" from Karlsruhe and its twin cities: Halle / Saale, Krasnodar, Nancy, Nottingham, Timişoara.

Curators: Lisa Bergmann, Beate-Marie Busch
Other exhibiting artists: Danny Cleary, Julie Deutsch, Shown Akim, Robert Kunec, Ioana Nitulescu, Mircea Popescu, Karolina Sobel
Dates: 22.4. – 13.5. 2018
Opening: Sunday 22.4. - 11am
Finissage: Sunday 13.5. - 3pm

Katharina Fitz

Art Fair
I'm very excited to participate in this year's C.A.R. - contemporary art ruhr Art Fair in Germany for which I have been selected as a young talent. You can come and visit me at my stand in the Halle12 at the Zeche Zollverein from 27-29th of October.

Katharina Fitz

ExperiMentor Program
I feel very honored and happy to be given the opportunity to be part of the ExperiMentor Program "Orbit" of the "New Art Exchange" exhibition space in Nottingham.

Katharina Fitz

My new series "Casted out Landscape" will be part of a group exhibition at Art d'Osera in Switzerland.

Opening: Friday 6th of October from 7pm.
Katharina Fitz

Publication of my "Boarded-up Houses" and "Malaga - Paracosmic Houses" series in the Spanish - Amercian online Magazine UrbanNext.

Exhibition Event1
First time exhibiting sculpture!
75 houses plaster cast houses
Project "Casted out Landscape"

at Priamary Gallery, Nottingham, UK
Opening: 20.07.2015 from 6-9 pm Exhibition: 21-29th of July. Participating Artists: Alasdair Ambrose, Theresa Bradbury, Katharina Fitz, Sophie Kate Morton, Daniel Jamie Polak, Szilvia Ponyiczki, Mira Ramaherilanja, Agnes Williams, Marie Williams

Katharina Fitz

Screening of "Boarded-up Houses" at Voies Off Festival in Arles at the Cour de l’Archevêché. The evening program starts at 10 pm.

Katharina Fitz

Publication of my "Boarded-up Houses" series in the Italian online Magazine DOMUS.

Publication of my "Boarded-up Houses" series in the japanese Wired magazine.

Publication of my "Boarded-up Houses" series in the Urban Ghost Media magazine.

Publication of my "Boarded-up Houses" series in the Messy Nessy Chic magazine.

The PHOTONEWS dedicated a portfolio feature to my "Chatarra" series in their May issue

Katharina Fitz

Youtube Channel
I have started a youtube channel, where I will be publishing video material related to my photo series.

The spring picture of the series "Urban Gardening Patchwork" is the coverfoto of the March issue of the "Garten + Landschaft" magazine with the theme "Urban gardens "

Lens Culture Exposure Awards
My new series "Boarded-up Houses" has been selected for LensCulture International Exposure Awards.

Il Post Article
Article about 'Malaga - Paracosmic Houses' in the Italian IlPost Newspaper.
read article here

Goethe Institut Magazine
Article about 'Malaga - Paracosmic Houses' in the spanish Goethe Institut Magazine.
read article here

From the 25.10.2016 to 12.11.2016
Exhibition Bildraum, Bregenz, AUT
10 years of artist exchange between Bilbao and Bregenz.
Opening: 22.10.2016, 20:00h, Bildraum Bodensee

Participating Artists: Franz Amann, Maria Anwander, Javier Arbizu, Taxio Ardanaz, Ruben Aubrecht, Alexandra Berlinger, Bernhard Buhmann, Manuel Casellas, Lourdes de la Villa Liso, Nerea de Diego, Hubert Dobler, Ainara Elogibar, Wolfgang Fiel, Katharina Fitz, Bernhard Garnicnig, Monika Grabuschnigg, Patrik Grijalvo Millois, Lorenz Helfer, Thomas Hoor, Barbara Anna Husar, Zuhar Iruretagoiena Labeaga, Miriam Isasi, Christine Katscher, Eva Kees, Claudia Larcher, Philipp Leissing, Claudia Linder, Karlos Martinez B., Leire Muñoz Betegón, Gonzalo Nicuesa, Andrea Salzmann, Sarah Schlatter, Veronika Schubert, Aristide Stornelli, David Martinez Suarez, Viktoria Tremmel, Bianca Tschaikner, Vázquez/Arrieta, Amaia Vicente, Alfredo Zubiaur

Lucie's International Photography Awards
Ich freue mich sehr bei den diesjährigen International Photography Awards für den 3. Platz in der Kategorie Architektur - Gebäude nominiert worden zu sein.

Online Exhibition
"Our Cities Surrounded"
Participating Artists: Taysir Batniji, Malte Brandenburg, Hannah Darabi, Marlon de Azambuja, Donato del Giudice, Loredana Endara, Gerrit Engel, Katharina Fitz, Faten Gaddes, Jennifer Garza-Chuen, Otto Hainzl, Robert Harding Pittman, Matthias Hoch, Jordi Huisman, Rohan Hutchinson, Nicu Ilfoveanu, Gerry Johansson, Urte Kaunas, Yasutaka Kojima, Dillon Marsh, Bernhard Moosbauer, Huma Mulji, Mame-Diarra Niang, Hirohito Nomoto, Hildegard Ochse, Yu Ogata & Ichiro Ogata Ono, Mikula Platz, Gabriele Rossi, Katharina Roters, Jörg Rubbert, Eli Singalovski, Silvia Sinha, Rainer Sioda, Jan Vranovsky, Sinta Werner, Michael Wolf, Yoshie Atsushi, Kyler Zeleny, Harf Zimmermann

Stipendium Nottingham Trent University
I am very happy to announce that Nottingham Trent University has given me the Scholarship for my Master of Arts, which I am going to start this September. Thank you very much to the jury! This is a great help for the realization of future projects. Thanks for trusting in my work!

10.12.2015 - 21.02.2016
Exhibition Heimspiel
Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Vaduz (FL)
Opening: 10.12.2015 at 18:30h

Participating Artists: Roland Adlassnigg, Albert Allgaier, Maria Anwander, Ruben Aubrecht, Helena Becker, David Berweger, Zora Berweger, Bildstein/Glatz, Beni Bischof, Michael Bodenmann, Ernst Bonda, Peter Clemens Brand, Barbara Brülisauer, Urs Burger, Domingo Chaves, Andrea Giuseppe, Corciulo, Theo Cowley, Katalin Deér, De La Fuente Oscar De Franco, Marco Eberle, Katharina Fitz, H.R. Fricker, Beate Frommelt, Gabriele Fulterer, Georg Gatsas, Christoph und Markus Getzner, Roswitha Gobbo, Florian Graf, Rolf Graf, Pascale Grau, Co Gründler, Andy Guhl, Alexander Hahn, Dieter Hall, Alex Hanimann, Pascal Häusermann, Anna Hilti, Thomas Hoor, Sarah Hugentobler, Stefan Inauen, Tamara Janes, Peter Kamm, Jeannice Keller, Simon Kindle, Christoph Luger, William Lutz, Lutz&Guggisberg, Manon, Vera Marke, Maria Mäser, Norbert Möslang, Josef Felix Müller, Reto Müller, Sarah Elena Müller, Manfred Naescher, Caro Niederer, Marianne Rinderknecht, Hanna Roeckle, Ilona Ruegg, Kilian Rüthemann, Christoph Rütimann, Katja Schenker, Salome Schmuki, Fridolin Schoch, Karin Schwarzbek, Tom Senn, Francisco Sierra, Barbara Signer, Loredana Sperini, Felix Stickel, Valentina Stieger, Thomas Stüssi, Bernard Tagwerker, Christian Vetter, Martin Walch, Jiajia Zhang


Felix Schöller Award
Die Arbeit "Malaga - paracosmic houses" wurde für den Felix Schöller Award unter der Kategorie Architektur/Industrie nominiert.
Kunstgeschichtliches Museum Osnabrück
Bis 17. Januar

01.07 - 23.12.2015
Residency Bilbao Arte
Beginning of the Bilbao Arte Residency.

MalagaCrea Wettbewerb Ich fühle mich sehr willkommen in Malaga. Ein Dankeschön an die Jury von MalagaCrea für die "Special Mention"!

27.6. - 12.07.2015
Wiesbadener Fototage
Die neue Serie "Homeland" wurde ausgewählt für die Wiesbadener Fototage.

Copenhagen Photofestival
Ausstellung "Dornbirn Houses"

Malaga Artist in Residence
Artist Residency in "La Térmica" in Malaga von Februar - Mai 2015.

16.01. - 22.02.2015
Vorstellung der neuen Mitglieder des Kunstvereins "KunstVorarlberg" in der Villa Claudia in Feldkirch. (Österreich)Achtmalneu

Das Museum "TwentseWelle" in Enschede (Niederlande), wird eine kleine Auswahl von Fotografen des Noorderlicht Festivals zeigen. Meine "Urban Gardening Patchwork" Serie gehört zu den ausgewählten Serien.

Die Ausstellung ab dem 19. Dezember.

Interview mit dem Magazin Insiderei

Singapore International Photography Festival
Die "Urban Gardening Serie" wird beim Singapore International Photography Festival im ArtScience Museum in Singapour präsentiert.

Noorderlicht Photofestival
Die "Urban Gardening Serie" wird beim Noorderlicht Photofestival im Fries Museum in den Niederlanden präsentiert.

GEO Magazin
Ein Dankeschön an die Fotoredakteurin des GEO Magazins für die Einladung zur Veröffentlichung meiner Serie "Urban Gardening Patchwork" in der August-Augsabe des Magazins.

Ein Bild meiner Serie "Dornbirn Houses" wurde für die Gruppenausstellung im Stadtmuseum Dornbirn namens "Querschnitt" ausgewählt.

Ein Dankeschön an die Kuratoren und Organisatoren!

Zitty Magazin
Meine Serie "Wir sind Neukölln" wurde im der 8. Ausgabe (03.04 - 16.04) des Zitty Magazins veröffentlicht.

Ein Dankeschön an Stefan Tillmann für die Veröffentlichung meiner Arbeit!

Katharina Fitz

Bilbao Künstlerstipendium
Die Jury für das Bilbao "Artist in Residence" Programm, hat mein Projekt für das Stipendium für 2014 ausgewählt.

Bilbao Arte Center for Contemporary Art.

Veröffentlichung der Urban Gardening Serie unter dem Thema "Die Welt von oben" in der Märzausgabe der Zeitung für Fotografie "PHOTONOEWS".

Ein Dankeschön an Anna Gripp.
Katharina Fitz

Kunst Vorarlberg
Ich wurde als neues Mitglied in den Künstlerverein Kunstvorarlberg aufgenommen. "Kunst Vorarlberg".

Katharina Fitz

Einige meiner Arbeiten werden als Teil einer Kunstinstallation im Glashaus (Arena) am 18.01.2014 präsentiert.

Organisiert wird die Ausstellung von "KONTAKT".

Feature dodho Magazine
Portfolio Feature im "dodho Magazine" veröffentlicht.
Katharina Fitz

Neue Serie - Bordtoiletten
Die neue Serie besteht zur Zeit aus 5 Übersichten unterschiedlicher Zugtoiletten.
Katharina Fitz

International Photography Awards
2. Platz bei den International Photography Awards in der Kategorie Architektur - Buildings, mit ihrer Serie "Dornbirn Houses"

Zusätzlich auch den 3. Platz in der Kategorie Architektur - Other, mit ihrem Bild des Urban Gardening Feldes auf dem Flughafenfeld Tempelhof.
Katharina Fitz

Portfolio feature auf der Seite von "Berlin Fotografen".
Katharina Fitz

Das Stadtmuseum Dornbirn hat für die städtische Kunstsammlung das Haus #1 aus der Serie "Dornbirner Häuser" angekauft.
Katharina Fitz

Slideshow - Wachposten
Präsentation der Serie "Wachposten" am 1. Juni in der Galerie Exp12 in Form einer Slideshow. Organisiert wird die Ausstellung von "Berlin Fotografen".

Katharina Fitz

Porträtserie - We are Neukölln
Neues Porträtbild der Serie "We are Neukölln" online.

Name: Stefan
Plattenladen: X-Tone
Seit 1988 in der Karl-Marx-Straße
Katharina Fitz

Neue Fotoserie
Die neue Serie "Le temps que passe" beschäftigt sich mit dem Thema des Alterns und den damit verbundenen Einschränkungen.
Katharina Fitz