To access, view, update, delete or download data related to your domain name registration, you need to be logged into your account. If you apply to delete your personal data and the data is required for the products or services you have purchased, the request is only considered to the extent that it is no longer necessary for services acquired or necessary for our legitimate business purposes or to legal or contractual conservation requirements. In some cases, when data is needed to provide services, data deletion may cancel or suspend the services you have purchased. If you have difficulty accessing, modifying or deleting your data, you can ask our support team for help. With respect to ICANN, registry operators and Namecheap, as well as contractors, representatives, employees, senior executives, directors, shareholders and associated companies of these parties, you agree to release, compensate and compensate these parties for all debts, claims and expenses, including legal and legal fees. , or your use of the Services, including but not limited to a violation of the intellectual property or other property rights of a person or institution by you or by others who use the services we provide to you, or against violation of our operating rules or policies regarding the services provided. If we may be involved in an action involving a third party that is related to our services to which you are subject under this Agreement, we may obtain written assurances from you in which you agree to defend us, compensate us and compensate us for the costs and commitments described in this paragraph. Such written assurances may include, at our sole discretion, the publication of a performance obligation (s) or other reasonably calculated guarantees to guarantee payment. Your inability to provide such assurances may be considered by you to be a violation of this agreement and may, at our sole discretion, lead to the loss of your right to control the disposition of the domain name services for which you are the registrant and that we are the Registrar of Registry. If we are obliged to defend ourselves in the context of an action or legal proceeding concerning the services available to you, you have the sole responsibility to defend us against such a claim by the legal assistance of our choice. This allowance is in addition to all benefits required under the UDRP.

Namecheap Domain Name Registration Agreement

  • December 13th, 2020
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