Here is a calendar of summer breaks that runs from July 1 to July 31. All this time is given to the father. Can the 4-week summer visit be divided? Nancy`s question: The visiting court order has a phrase that says “summer visits should be planned to avoid school or storage or activity hours.” What does that mean? Brette`s response: If the command explicitly indicates when the child should be with each parent, you are probably within your rights. However, I suggest you speak to your lawyer before you do anything to make sure your order is clear about it. Most of the time, the exchanges should take place in a public place, so that everyone involved, including your child, feels comfortable and safe. And you and your ex, you can keep him in plain clothes. Stephanie`s question: What is the usual rotation of parental custody in the summer? My ex lives only a mile from my house, but he wants to rotate six weekends for the summer so they can live in another state with his fiancée. Is his request reasonable? Our current agreement was a week that I graciously adapted to two-week rotations to support his work. Just because you have primary custody of your child doesn`t mean you`re entitled to most of your summer vacation. When it comes to doing the summer retention plan, you need to be in advance with your ex about their travel plans you have, as well as sharing the summer vacation.

What does it mean if the summer visit should avoid school or storage hours? Here is a schedule for each weekend when the child visited the mother on weekends. The mother will have a two-week vacation in July. Whether you are on weekends, split holidays or travel arrangements in advance, it is important to share all this information with your ex as soon as possible so that they can also make summer plans with your child. A Family Access Motion may be filed if custody or visit is refused or disturbed by a parent for no good reason. Depending on the facts you have outlined, if you decide to file a Family Access Motion, you should be able to prove to the court that your daughter`s mother challenged and disrupted your summer custody or visits.

Summer Child Custody Agreement

  • December 18th, 2020
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