If this happens, the judge has many options to make depending on the part of the order or the agreement that you do not follow. It is complicated because there are all kinds of reasons why you do not follow education orders and agreements. For example, your child`s other parent is legally required to comply with the terms of the child care contract. If you do not comply with this obligation, you have the right to take corrective action. To determine the appropriate measure, you must first assess the nature of the offence. Finally, custody offences can occur in many different forms. A few common examples are: the sanction may take the form of additional access, suspension of family allowances and a change in custody. No matter what you do if your ex breaks child care orders, be sure to take notes of everything that has happened, including their actions and how you respond. It may be helpful to track dates and times in a calendar, electronic document or written journal. Insert in your notes the attendance records of your child`s school and your attempts to resolve the situation with your ex. This information will only help you if you need to take legal action.

If the other parent breaks the court`s mandate directly, it is easy to show. What if they act in a sneaky and passive-aggressive way? These lawyers explain that you still have options, even if the offences are less striking. Use a guard book to record everything in detail, to report minor infractions. Together, your recordings may indicate a pattern of misconduct that requires the court to change the order. A custody decision gives a parent the right to make decisions for the child as a legal guardian. As a general rule, the unauthorized parent has access to access with the child. Without a court order, the visit cannot be refused. You may want to do it as a last resort, but it can be an effective step if you feel that your ex is denying you your legal rights and you are in a situation where you want to take your child with you. Make sure you carry a certified copy of the custody orders if you ask the police to intervene. Once you have received a custody order, it is no longer negotiable. Both parents are expected to follow their education plan in written form. The other parent is invited to appear and explain why she violated the child`s custody orders.

If your ex is found guilty, he or she could face fines or penalties or even a short prison sentence. They may also require coverage of legal fees and fees as a sanction for non-compliance with the child`s custody order. If you decide to follow this path, follow these tips to testify in court.

What To Do If Ex Breaks Custody Agreement

  • April 15th, 2021
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