The UN/BC is attempting to impose on MoveUP members a final contractual offer that would reduce sick leave, sick leave and family leave and does not address many of the most important demands of employees for a fair and reasonable collective agreement. The parties are divided on a number of issues, from salaries to improving the complaints process. BURNABY – The BC Nurses Union intends to lock out its directors this Friday to force them to accept a contract that attacks their medical and medical leave. “The UNJB has asked for concessions and refused to negotiate a fair collective agreement with its MoveUP employees,” said David Black, MoveUP President. “Our employer is trying to force us into a contract that would prevent many of us from going to necessary medical appointments,” said Leisa Smith, MoveUP member and BCNU contributor. “Many of us have children or older parents who rely on us to take them to the doctor. It`s really a loveless maneuver to take that away from us. On July 22, 2016 at 10 a.m., the BC Nurses` Union ordered MoveUP members to return to the workplace under the employer`s unilateral conditions. “MoveUP will continue to do whatever is necessary to support our members, to ensure they get a fair deal.” Mr. Black found that MoveUP encouraged the employer to renegotiate or mediate.

Instead, UNCOM leaders chose to take aggressive action by threatening lockouts and forcing the implementation of a final contractual offer.

Bcnu Collective Agreement Sick Time

  • September 12th, 2021
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