Agreements relating to the subject matter of this Agreement which exist between either Party shall be expressly annulled. (a) exemption by the undertaking. Key topics covered SummaryChapter 1 – IntroductionChapter 2 – Trends in the joint development of agreements2.1. Introduction2.2. Definition of co-development agreements2.3. Success factors of co-development agreements2.4. When co-development can be useful2.5. Attributes of Co-Development Deals2.6. Coordinate partners to make co-development work2.7.

Trends in co-development agreements since 20142.7.1. Co-Development Dealmaking by year, from 2014 to 20192.7.2. Co-Development Dealmaking after development phase, from 2014 to 20192.7.3. Co-Development Dealmaking by sector, 2014 to 20192.7.4. Co-development dealmaking by therapeutic area, 2014 to 20192.7.5. Co-development dealmaking by type of technology, 2014 to 20192.7.6. Co-Development Dealmaking by the most active company, 2014-20192.8. Co-development option2.9. The Future of Co-Development AgreementsChapter 3 – Overview of the Structure of Co-Development Agreements3.1. Introduction3.2.

Multi-component co-development agreements3.3. Pure and simple structure of the collaborative development agreement3.3.1. Examples of development agreements3.3.1.a. Case Study 1: Ambrx – Zhejiang Medicine3.3.1.b. . . .

Co Development Agreement

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