This is a classic money and mule scam, where scammers try to convince victims to help them move the stolen money. Frauds often start with an unexpected phone call or email from a scammer that offers a high return not to be overlooked or a guaranteed investment in stocks, real estate, options or currency transactions. Instead of downloading a useful app on your phone, this scam downloads a hurtful virus to your Android device. This phone scam threatens the residents of Burien, AV, and accuses them of breaking their quarantine, as the police have an arrest warrant against them. The scammer then asks you to pay the fine by phone and give him your bank details. Security systems have been designed to protect you, your home and your valuables. They vary in price and refinement. Some systems can not only warn you of intrusions, but also inform authorities of a medical emergency, monitor smoke and carbon monoxide, as well as water levels or pressures, and include video surveillance. Some systems are also connected to your home`s wiring, heating, or lighting systems and use your mobile phone or computer to control them. These are just some of the tracking angles that scammers can use to get more money from you. New approaches could be very different from the initial fraud and could arrive quickly or some time later. Fraudsters may have passed on your data to other fraudsters with completely different methods, and the new view seems completely independent of the initial fraud.

These scammers try to push you to immediate action, with little time to think about it. It is also a robocall. Pay a prepaid fee via prepaid gift card or bank transfer and this fraudster promises to give an immediate COVID 19 subsidy of $50,000 to $300,000. While there`s no online testing for the coronavirus (it`s not like a math test, guys), this SMS scam masqueries like the U.S. federal government and requires you to reach a mandatory online assessment. Users of Tinder, the location-based dating app, are under attack with a clever scam that causes them to lose more than 100 $US a month. In Michigan, fraudsters pose as state firefighters to sell gift cards for “donations” to the organization to help parishioners in distress.

Systems Protection Agreement Scam

  • October 10th, 2021
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