looking thew my images I found this image I made in Bilbao at the beach. I really like the combination of the colors.


Katharina Fitz

It started out to be a very beautiful day, but then suddenly the weather changed, maybe I hadn´t got the best views, but the ambiance was just fantastic, melancholic and misterious.

The horses up in the “mountain” reminded me a lot of the cows we have in austria. There was no fence, they where just  freely walking around with huge bells around their necks.

Katharina Fitz

Foto of some flowers at the cliffs of Mundaka.

Katharina Fitz


Yesterday was such a beautiful sunny day that we decided to go to the beach of Plentzia, which is like 40 minutes far from Bilbao by metro.

The sand at Plentzia is very delicate, it makes me remember my childhood, playing in the garden making sand castles all day long.

Tom, Franz and I made sand portraits of each other which I want to share with you!


A trip to Mundaka. It was at low tide and the fish at the beach of mundaka looked like forming abstract paintings to me.

Katharina Fitz


Two days ago I went again to take a long walk along the beautiful cliff near Bilbao. I was very thankful for this little briese of haze. Without it, the picture wouldn´t be very special, but the haze gives it a little something.


This day I actually didn´t want to carry the heavy camera with me, because sometimes it is really hard to shlep it the whole day around. But then at the end I took it and when I passed by this bar I was so pleased to have it with me and to be able to document this special place, and take this image with me like a little souvenir.


Yesterday I went for a walk along the harbour of Getxo. It was a very beautiful day and I really enjoyed the company of a good book and my camera. While walking around, there was a woman sitting alongside the port. She had this natural beauty and I really wanted to take her on photo. Once I had asked her, we emmediatley started talking a bit about our lives, sharing this little moment together.

This is what I really enjoy about photography, it gives me a reason to approach unknown people and share one anothers lives.

Thank you to Maria Natividad for trusting me. I will send you the print of the portrait within the next weeks.


Katharina Fitz


Sitting on a bench near the houses I photograph I suddenly saw this little beautiful girl. Right away I asked her mother if I could take a picture and there it was. The next shot for my blog.

At the beginning she was very shy but after I had taken the picture she smiled to me and seemed somehow proud to be asked to be taken on photo.




Before yesterday seemed to be the last day of summer in Bilbao. I was at the beach taking some pictures for a new series I am planing to do and then suddenly I saw this man standing there.

I immediately knew that this was the new picture for my blog.

I definitely sympathize with Martin Parr.  People at the beach really do have something special, maybe it is because somehow they remind me of reptiles exposing themselves to the sun.

Katharina Fitz

last day of summer