Helen, Nottingham boats club
I am thankful that Helen shared this moment with me.

Katharina Fitz

Katharina Fitz

Katharina Fitz

Katharina Fitz

People from Nottingham

I arrived about 4 month ago in Nottingham, … a completely unknown place. A few weeks ago I started taking photos with my analogue camera to start taking photos of the city and it´s people. I chose to photograph in analogue, because when taking a picture I have to concentrate more on the person and the camera, which gives both necessary time to getting comfortable in front and behind the camera. Today I went to pick up my films at Photo Parlour who´s owner is Dan. He does all the processing by hand and is the only one left of it´s kind in the city.


Here is the first shot I scanned in today.

Nottingham People



Nottingham People

Playing around with some sounds!

Trapped By The Light

Picture taken on the former airport field in Tempelhof, Berlin.

Childhood memories
Hahnemühle FineArt Paper
6 Edition

Katharina_Fitz_Tempelhof Foto

_DSC1342 copy

Just outside of my new home in Nottingham, there is this closed Chinese shop I think is very photogenic.



Just went through my old analog photos I had scanned a few month ago and found this portait I had made during my residency in Malaga. A very fashionable man!



Here is another photo of my photo series about the iron belt of Bilbao. I did this analogue series this year during my 6 month artist residency in Bilbao.

img036 copy

About one and a half years ago I bought my Mamiya 7  analogue camera, because I wanted to get to know the world of analogue photography. Now i started my first official analogue series about the “iron belt of  Bilbao”. I walk around through the forests around Bilbao looking for remains of the belt. The series is going to be in black.

Katharina Fitz - cinturon de hierro