Picture taken on the former airport field in Tempelhof, Berlin.

Childhood memories
Hahnemühle FineArt Paper
6 Edition

Katharina_Fitz_Tempelhof Foto

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Just outside of my new home in Nottingham, there is this closed Chinese shop I think is very photogenic.



Just went through my old analog photos I had scanned a few month ago and found this portait I had made during my residency in Malaga. A very fashionable man!



Here is another photo of my photo series about the iron belt of Bilbao. I did this analogue series this year during my 6 month artist residency in Bilbao.

img036 copy

About one and a half years ago I bought my Mamiya 7  analogue camera, because I wanted to get to know the world of analogue photography. Now i started my first official analogue series about the “iron belt of  Bilbao”. I walk around through the forests around Bilbao looking for remains of the belt. The series is going to be in black.

Katharina Fitz - cinturon de hierro

katharina fitz

The Humber Bridge

Katharina Fiz

the basque woods

Katharina Fitz

Katharina Fitz ronda