Sitting on a bench near the houses I photograph I suddenly saw this little beautiful girl. Right away I asked her mother if I could take a picture and there it was. The next shot for my blog.

At the beginning she was very shy but after I had taken the picture she smiled to me and seemed somehow proud to be asked to take on photo.




Before yesterday seemed to be the last day of summer in Bilbao. I was at the beach taking some pictures for a new series I am planing to do and then suddenly I saw this man standing there.

I immediately knew that this was the new picture for my blog.

I definitely sympathize with Martin Parr.  People at the beach really do have something special, maybe it is because somehow they remind me of reptiles exposing themselves to the sun.

Katharina Fitz

last day of summer

A vew days ago I was walking along the cost, it was beautiful weather. I started at the harbour of Bilbao, which is the most important harbour of the north of spain.

I quiet liked the contrast between the lady, the harbour and the enormous landscape in the background. To me, people here in the north seem to enjoy the sun even more,  I was told that september and october are the only months in the year where weather is stable and sunny.


_DSC4082 copy


Two boys whatching out for fish at the harbour of Mundaka.

Katharina Fitz



There it was, this perfect composition, as if it was made to be photographed.

When I discovered it I was very pleased to pass by at the right time of the day, with the right light incident.

Katharina Fitz




Yesterday I saw this old lady nearby where I am taking pictures for my project. I asked her if I could take a picture of her and she somehow agreed looking straight into my lens as if she would have waited long to be perceived by anybody.

Someway this moment we shared kept me thinking quiet for a little while…

I usually don´t put details of photos inside my pictures, but in this case I thought it was just necessary, so that you can feel the expression in her face.

Katharina Fitz

Today was a good day, I made my card for the library! On my way to the library I found this ver nice spot to share with you!


kathairna fitz

So my second day has started very hot in Bilbao. It was the hotest day of the year. We reached about 36°c. I was walking around the whole day getting to know the city. Found some nice spots, ike this one:


I´m so excited. Today I scaned my first negative from my new mamiya 7 camera. Oh I just love photography!

Katharina Fitz

Katharina Fitz