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Just went through my old analog photos I had scanned a few month ago and found this portait I had made during my residency in Malaga. A very fashionable man!



Katharina Fitz ronda


This is my favorite building in Málaga. The building is abandoned since 2010. It is situated at one of the most transited points of the city.

In 1986 it has  been constructed by the architects José Luis González and Juan Salabert Sancho.




It was a very foggy day, the day I went to Ronda.  I almost couldn´t see the famous bridge called “Puente Nuevo”. At the end I  wasn´t so impressed by the bridge, I thought the huge lights that lighten it up at night were more interesting for my visual eye! The city was very idyllic though, even if it rained during the whole day.



This weekend I went up to the mountain with the teleférico de Benalmádena.

Katharina Fitz

Last week I went to Torremolinos, one of the most touristic places of the Costa del Sol, to look for inspiration for my project about places before the storm of tourism. Once it used to be a poor fishing village, before the boom of the 1950s tourism turned it into the first and at the time most important tourism resort of the Costa del Sol. The very cold and immense  urbanization  along the beach have impressed me.

_DSC9768 2

Nice view onto the sea on the platform in Torrox. I dedicate this picture to the freedom I have been given with the Artist in Residency in Malaga I am in at the moment. It is nice to be able to work in what I most like, instead of needing to do commercial jobs. Photography is the perfect medium  for me because I love to discover new places and meet all kinds of different people.



When I took this picture I was told that this should be the following to the ladies. So there it is, and i think it fits very well!!



Sometimes I see people in the streets and I feel like whatever happens I have to ask them for a picture. I sometimes even have to follow them for a few minutes to find the right moment to ask. In this case it was easy, I saw them, started talking, and as soon as I said hello both of them started hugging, touching my hands and giving me kisses on the cheeks. That´s where you can definitely see the difference between the north and the south.

All together these two ladies are 183 years old.

Katharina Fitz