Katharina Fitz is born in Austria, and currently lives and works in Nottingham, UK

Her work comprises of sculpture and installation often in reference to architecture and industrial process. The physical engagement of the body is notably present in Fitz's practice where traces of her creative method draw the viewer into an exploration of the work. She often uses traditional processes such as mouldmaking, casting and plaster turning to create and activate sculptural form. Fitz questions the hierarchy and value of objects in a mass-produced and highly globalised world and imports jigs, tools and moulds into the exhibition space to bridge the gap between the studio and the gallery atmosphere.

Through the use of different techniques, objects are constantly flipped, copied, mirrored, turned and mutated as if pushed through a metamorphosis. Fitz works with texture, weight and the unadulterated hues of materials such as ceramic, plaster, latex, wood and steel.

In installation, the work is often in conversation with the space. Sometimes it functions as a sort of prosthesis for its environment, whereas other times it is de-contextualised. With her work she challenges the vision and understanding of our environment, offering a new reading of how it could be animated, changed, or extended into something else.

Her photographic work looks at issues surrounding the changes, phenomenon and structures that we find within the city and how they affect our coexistance within urban space.

2016-19 MFA Fine Art, Nottingham Trent University, UK
2006-08 Photography and Film, Instituto Sant Ignasi, Barcelona, ES
Solo/Two Person Shows
2020 When Seams Become Audible, One Thoresby Street, Nottingham, UK
2018 KATHARINA FITZ & JESS PRICE, Re-Imagine The City, Artcore Gallery, UK
Group Exhibitions
2022 (Upcoming) Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh, UK
2021 (Upcoming) The Magic of the Real, LCB Depot, Leicester, UK
2021 Preparations, Lateworks, London, UK
2021 [in]visible cities, Mexican UK Arts Society, London, UK
2021 Gilbert Bayes Award, Royal Society of Sculptors, London, UK
2020 Five Hides, Manor Place Baths, curated by ThorpStavri, London, UK
2020 CONTACT, World of Fad, curated by ThorpStavri, Online
2020 Dialogos, Studio Block M74, Mexico City, MX
2019 Bloomberg New Contemporaries, South London Gallery, UK
2019 Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Leeds Art Gallery, UK
2019 NAE Open, New Art Exchange, UK
2019 MFA Degree Show, Nottingham Trent University, UK
2019 Kunstankaeufe 2018, Galerie allerArt, Bludenz, AT
2018 Heimspiel, Kunstmuseum Appenzell, CH
2018 Aftermath, Nottingham Contemporary Gallery, UK
2018 Off-Centre Photofestival, Backlit Gallery, Nottingham, UK
2018 Photokina, represented by Felix Schöller Group, GER
2018 Mélange de Fruits, Primary Gallery, UK
2018 Open Borders, Orgelfabrik, GER
2017 FETTEJahre, Villa Claudia, AT
2017 Contemporary Art Ruhr, Zeche Zollverein, GER
2017 GrenzWERTig, Galerie Art dOsera, CH
2017 Midlands Open, Tarpey Gallery, UK
2017 Screening, Voies Off Festival, Arles, FR
2017 Event1, Primary Gallery, UK
2016 Chatarra, 10 years of Bilbao - Bregenz Artist Exchange, Bildraum, AT
2016 Castle Open, Castle Gallery, Nottingham, UK
2016 Boarded-up Houses, City Projections curators: Nina Keel, Anna Vetsch, CH
2016 Fenster 61, Berlin, GER
2016 Our Cities Surrounded, Online
2015 Heimspiel, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, FL
2015 Bilbao Arte Artists, Bilbao Arte Center for Contemporary Art, ES
2015 Felix Schöller Award, Cultural Historic Museum Osnabrück, GER
2015 8xneu, Villa Claudia, AT
2015 Creadores, La Térmica Malaga, ES
2015 Dornbirn Houses, Copenhagen Photofestival, DK
2015 Heimat X, Frauenmuseum Wiesbaden, GER
2015 Malaga Crea, Centro de Arte Contemporaneo de Malaga, ES
2015 Kleisterweiber, Berin, GER
2015 Barrio Irala, Achtmalneu, Villa Claudia, AT
2014 An ocean of possibilities, Twentsewelle Museum, NED
2014 Bilbao Arte Artists, BilbaoArte Center for Contemporary Art, ES
2014 An ocean of possibilities, ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands, SGP
2014 An ocean of possibilities, Fries Museum, NED
2014 Querschnitt, Stadtmuseum Dornbirn, AT
2014 Kontakt, Arena Glashaus, Berlin , GER
2021 DYCP grant, Arts Council England, UK
2021 Studio bursary, Arts Council Vorarlberg, AUT
2021 Work Stipend, Arts Council Vorarblerg, AUT
2020 Gilbert Bayes Sculpture Award, Royal Society of Sculptors, UK
2020 Selected for London Bronze New Editions, UK
2020 Work Stipend, Arts Council Vorarlberg, AT
2019 Bloomberg New Contemporaries Artist, UK
2019 One Thoresby Street Production Award, UK
2019 Studio grant, Arts Council Vorarlberg, AT
2019 MFA student award, Nottingham Trent University, UK
2018 Gilbert Bayes Scholarship for sculptors, UK
2017 Lens Culture Exposure Awards
2016 Scholarship Nottingham Trent University, MFA, UK
2016 Project Funding, Austrian Arts Council, AT
2016 International Photography Awards | 3. place - Architecture
2015 Moscow International Foto Awards, 2. place, Architecture
2015 Felix Schöller Awards, Finalist | Architecture, GER
2015 Malaga Crea, Special Mention, ES
2014 International Photography Awards | 2. place - Architecture
Public Collections
Vorarlberg Museum, AT
Bilbao Arte Foundation, ES
Malaga City Heritage Museum, ES
City Museum Dornbirn, AT
2020 One Thoresby Street, UK
2018 Re-Imagine The City, Artcore, UK
2017 ExperiMentor, New Art Exchange, UK
2015 Bilbao Arte Center for Contemporary Art, ES
2015 La Térmica, Malaga, ES
2021 Guest Lecturer, MFA Nottingham Trent University UK
2021 Artist Coach/Mentor, Real Creative Futures, NAE, UK
2020 Guest Lecturer, MFA Nottingham Trent University UK
2018 Off-Centre Photofestival, UK
2015 Wiesbadener Fototage, DE
2015 Copenhagen Photofestival, DK
2014 Noorderlicht Photofestival, NED
2014 Singapore International Photography Festival, SGP
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