1985, Dornbirn, Austria

Artist Statement

My work is mainly focused towards the socio-cultural and urban photography, addressing issues of different kinds but always from a critical and reflective perspective, showing the structures, processes, changes and problems that are part of social life and human interactions within urban space. I choose mainly subjects of architectural nature to show phenomenons and changes within our urban environment.

The adaptability of humans to their environment in the context of their daily lives, whether through urban agriculture or integration within a neighborhood are some of the subjects in my work.

I am born in Dornbirn, a small city in Austria, and I realized after many years of living in different cities around Europe, how the behavior of people to identify with their urban and social surroundings varies and how important the question of integration and home in my own life but also as a general condition was.

Questions that arise in my work are under other:
How do neighborhoods change after time and what factors change communities?
How do people organize within large cities to be part of a society or groups?
What is the meaning of home, of feeling part of something bigger than oneself?

I create my work because I am concerned with the development towards a more and more individualized world. The sense of community spirit inside society increases and turns towards a “dog eat dog mentality” Therefore, an important objective of my work is to generate a conscious reflection on the changes of our cities and how these affect our coexistence within urban areas.

2017 UPCOMING GrenzWERTig, Galerie Art d'Ósera, CH
2017 UPCOMING CAR - Contemporary Art Ruhr - Art Fair, GER
2017 Midlands Open, Tarpey Gallery, UK
2017 Screening, Voies Off Festival, Arles, FR
2017 Event1, Primary, UK
2016 Chatarra, 10 years of Bilbao - Bregenz Artist Exchange, Bildraum, AT
2016 Nottingham, Castle Open, Castle Gallery, Nottingham, UK
2016 Boarded-up Houses, City Projections curators: Nina Keel, Anna Vetsch, CH
2016 Urban Gardening Patchwork, Fenster 61, Berlin, DE
2016 Malaga - paracosmic houses, Our Cities Surrounded, Online
2015 Heimspiel, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein , FL
2015 Bilbao Arte Artists, Bilbao Arte Center for Contemporary Art, ES
2015 Felix Schöller Award, Cultural Historic Museum Osnabrück, DE
2015 Creadores, La Térmica Malaga, Curated by Diego Santos, ES
2015 Dornbirn Houses, Copenhagen Photofestival, DK
2015 Heimat X, Frauenmuseum Wiesbaden, DE
2015 Malaga Crea, Centro de Arte Contemporaneo de Malaga, ES
2015 Kleisterweiber, Berin, DE
2015 Barrio Irala, Achtmalneu, Villa Claudia, AUT
2014 An ocean of possibilities, Twentsewelle Museum, NED
2014 Open Doors, BilbaoArte Center for Contemporary Art, ES
2014 An ocean of possibilities, ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands, SGP
2014 An ocean of possibilities, Fries Museum, NED
2014 Querschnitt, Stadtmuseum Dornbirn group exhibition, AUT
2014 Kontakt, Arena Glashaus, Berlin , DE
2014 Patchwork project "Urban Gardening" 4 seasons
2013 Galerie Exp12, Berlin Fotografen, DE
2012 Portrait series about gentrification in Neukölln (Berlin)
2012 Le temps qui passe – memories of a life
2012 Dornbirn Houses
2011 Sentinel Project
2017 Lens Culture Exposure Awards
2016 International Photography Awards | 3. place - Architecture
2015 Moscow International Foto Awards, 2. place, Architecture
2015 Felix Schöller Awards, Finalist | Architecture, GER
2015 Malaga Crea, Special Mention, ES
2014 International Photography Awards | 2. place - Architecture
2014 International Photography Awards | Honorable Mention
2013 International Photography Awards | 2. place - Architecture
2013 International Photography Awards | 3. Platz - Architecture
2016 Scholarship Nottingham Trent University, MFA in Fine Art, UK
2016 Project Funding, Austrian Arts Council, AUT
2016 Artist Residency, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, UK
2015 Artist Residency, Bilbao Arte Center for Contemporary Art, ES
2015 Artist Residency, La Térmica, Malaga, ES
2014 Artist Residency exchange, Bilbao Arte Center for Contemporary Art, ES
2012 Project funding, Dornbirn, AUT
2015 Wiesbadener Fototage, DE
2015 Copenhagen Photofestival, DK
2014 Noorderlicht Photofestival, NED
2014 Singapore International Photography Festival, SGP
2017 DOMUS Magazine Article "Boarded-up Houses"
2017 Photonews Portfolio Feature "Chatarra"
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2017 Catalog Bilbao - Bregenz - Artist Exchange
2017 Il Post Newspaper Feature Article - 'Malaga - Paracosmic Houses', IT
2016 Goethe Institut Feature - 'Malaga - Paracosmic Houses', DE
2016 Lens Culture Jurors Pick Feature - 'Malaga - Paracosmic Houses'
2016 International Photography Awards Book, USA
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