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Katharina Fitz

Katharina Fitz ronda


This week I went by bike to Pedregalejo . It was a very nice trip by the beach. Once i got there I first had a look around the old fishers neighborhood, because the project I am doing at “La Térmica” in Malaga,  is going to be about these little fisher houses.

Walking around I saw  two boys playing football. I was very happy to be here in winter, because the beaches are still vacant and the landscape just feels so much mmore authentic without swarms of tourists.


Katharina Fitz, Pedregalejo


So my second day has started very hot in Bilbao. It was the hotest day of the year. We reached about 36°c. I was walking around the whole day getting to know the city. Found some nice spots, ike this one:


A visit of the memorial of Hohenschönhausen in Berlin.  A prison for people detained by the former East German Ministry of State Security (MfS), or “Stasi”.

Memorial Hohenschönhausen


Katharina Fitz

Tree mortality


Katharina Fitz

katharina fitz

Katharina Fitz